Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Don't Cover Up Marine Le Pen

A Muslim leader refuses to meet with French politico Marine Le Pen unless she wears a headscarf. A Mormon friend of mine won't dine with people who order beer. Some gays demand Catholic caterers plan their wedding. Many feminists insist Protestant taxpayers must fund their abortion.

In a globalized world, tribes and faiths must intermingle. For everyone to have the right to live their moral convictions, nobody can have the right to make others do so. I prefer that all women who meet with me wear the neckline shown on young Le Pen in this photo.

Still, I understand where my liberties end and other folks' liberties begin. No matter how much a woman covering her breasts deeply saddens me, I can't demand she show some cleavage out of respect for my feelings. Feelings are a glorious part of life. Yet, they can't overrule rights without someone's rights being overruled.

This is why white men designed the best codes of rights in history: whites can't dance and men can't feel, so they were never distracted from the boring analytical task of codifying rights like freedom of speech and religion. That's why you touchy-feely "diverse" students at Berkeley should have respected the boring white men's code and let that flaming white man Milo Yiannopoulos speak, even if his wacky ideas hurt your feelings so much you had to choose not to attend.

While Milo was taking advantage of his right to speak, those who disagree could've gone to a local club to take advantage of their right to dance and feel without the fear of having those rights taken away, because the right to speak protects all the others. Yet, Muslims, Christians, feminists, gays, and all other people are tempted to put their feelings over others' rights. Thus, we get raping, pillaging, murdering, enslaving and all the other evils that turn the Garden of Eden into hell on earth. The first step back toward Eden is for us to respect the God-given rights of others - even if we don't feel like it. When in Rome, do as Romans do is good advice for travelers, but letting barbarian tourists act like barbarians is the surest sign of a noble Roman or human.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hollywood's Great Wall and Great Gall

Matt Damon's latest film offers both epic ambition and epic hypocrisy. This movie seeks global profit by teasing the Asian market with local lore (China's wall) and an American audience with local controversy (Trump's wall). Yet, it still condemns profit seeking. To do this, it descends into politically-correct racism (Asians are loving collectivists while Europeans are greedy individualists) and even some contradictory old-school racism (said utopic society still can't defend itself without the brilliance, courage, and technology of white savior Damon). Plus, all this is from critically respected director Zhang Yimou.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Illegal Migration Is NOT Compassion

Lovely eight-year-old Neftaly had no idea she’d been delivered into the hands of her rapist by what American politicians call a more compassionate immigration policy. It wouldn’t have mattered much to her. Yet, Neftaly’s story is not unusual in Mexico, so it should matter a lot to Americans who support such policy. She was orphaned at age five, then various distant relatives grudgingly agreed to take her in - as long as she washed the dishes. She became more accustomed to fear and rejection than love. When an uncle she’d never met showed her a bedroom and told her to undress for bed, she tried once again to muster more hope than fear. Sadly, it would be many years after that night before she looked at the world with trust and hope again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Back When I Was Homeless

Life at the mobile home park: not bad for a starter home
Believe it or not, Lyn's fondest life memories include a very brief homeless stint. Allow me to fully elucidate. Ages ago, your author arrived in Canada to work as a communication executive. The first weekend, I purchased a luxury SUV to use in my prestigious and lucrative new career. As I drove away, the salesman yelled something that sounded like "You need to go see AC/DC on Monday." Despite my passion for the Australian band, I hadn't heard of their concert and couldn't understand the urgency in his voice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Write Beyond Sensitivity Police Jurisdiction

North Americans often assert they want to learn from other cultures, but travel writing is still expected to fit into the politically correct box of ideas that don’t shock sensibilities. This is contradiction. Authentic travel writing must journey outside that box, both to accurately report culture and to protect the free speech rights authors and readers depend on.

A recent study suggests that North American children are developing more allergies to certain foods because of protection from exposure during the years when immunities develop. Likewise, political correctness has shielded North Americans from encountering a rich diversity of global perspectives that conventional media deem offensive to their sensitivities.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Snowden Job of Oliver Stoned

When you call someone an America-loathing communist, it's usually hyperbolic insult, but with director Oliver Stone, it's his official job title. Still, his latest film Snowden has great merit. So, let's admit the virtues before we cast stones at Stone. Let's weigh the evidence before we commence any executions.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mother Superior Inspires Author Superior

When I wrote about my mother's death, I never expected the story to be chosen as one of the best nonfiction works of the last twenty years. It's truly a moving honor. Of course, she was one of the best mothers ever, so that's the real accomplishment in all this. I want to thank Eclectica Magazine. Their anthology of the best nonfiction is now available at your favorite bookstore or here. I'm excited to get my copy. Since it has been mailed during the holiday season and is later to be entrusted to the Mexican postal service, only a Christmas miracle arranged by mom's heavenly intercession can possibly result in its arrival at the doorstep of this prodigal son.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Last Call For Resident Author Applications

Thanks to all who have submitted resumes for the writer-in-residence jobs we announced two posts back. Quite an impressive group. From Random House authors to Playboy magazine columnists to Fulbright research fellows to Sundance film screenwriters, the competition has been fierce. (Well, as fierce as a bunch of writing geeks can be.) We've already offered one professorship and will soon rudely though metaphorically slam the door on further applications. This is the last call. If you're still considering whether to apply, here are more details:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Is Donald Trump America's Pancho Villa?

This week celebrates the revolution here in Mexico, so I would be remiss not to note some uncanny parallels between Donald Trump and Pancho Villa. Yes, I'm serious. I've discussed this theory with over 200 real Mexicans in Oaxaca who generally validate that comparison. So, you faux LA (Latino activists) in faux LA (Los Angeles) can stop practicing your deeply-offended looks and go get a Thai fusion taco then whine to CNN about the cultural appropriation on behalf of all Mexicans and people of Thai descent. If you crack the taco shell, CNN will even dub it breaking news.